Installation (Sala-manca), in the frame of The Museum of the Contemporary, Mamuta in Ein Karem
Another stop along the tourists’ route, where art becomes the decoration of a private school-trip experience. The museum is a modern secular church and the performance executed in the Church is a combination of a mass, sermon and poetry reading. A reference to the unique geographic site of the Museum of the Contemporary, midway through the pilgrimage route to the Church of Visitation. A sculptural object, duplication of an Eastern European church to the Arab village; another comment on the process of converting the house’s original identity, “halfway” between the architectural tradition of a Norwegian church and a zimmer in northern Israel. The Church of Criticism features and quotes Western philosophers as icons of the Church’s outlook.
[*Knesiat Habikoret, a play on the Hebrew name of Church of Visitation]
Pine wood, stained glass, projector, mixer, computer, music machine, microphones, metal megaphone, camera obscura :pierced black wallpaper, tracing paper

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