Hadas Ophrat
 The residency room at the Art and Media Center in Ein Karem was locked. The windows were sealed with mirrors. The inside is reflected, trapped in the glass which was supposed to allow the view to come in. The room is inverted like a glove hastily abandoned by its wearing hand. The room is dim and empty. The dark fixtures are hollow, a ray of light flashes out of them, accompanied by the voice of an absentee present: "My name is Izack Ismail Muhammad al-Khatib. I was born on April 10th, 1929, in the village of Ein Karem, Jerusalem. My father is Sheikh Ismail al-Kha'tib and my mother's name is Sadika Halil Said. I visited my village in 1998 and in 1999. I did not want to go to
the village. I was afraid. My friend Muhammad Khaviya, suggested and insisted that I would look at the village from a distance..." (from
"Remembering Ein Karem", 2008).
 You want enter the room? The curators hold the key. Curatorship as an image of a gatekeeper,
a mediator, a pawnbroker of the collective subconscious, a bailiff of guilt and remorse
 Daniela Passal's furniture, speakers, mixer. mirrors, lighting, wireless bell
 sound post-production: Noam Shpigler

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